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小测验 - 谈论未来计划的语法时态

小测验 - 谈论未来计划的语法时态
2018年已经来到我们身边。新年伊始,我们应该畅想未来,树立新目标,制定新计划。在谈论未来计划时,我们会用到表示“将来”的时态。做下面的测验,看看你对英语中可用作谈论未来的时态的掌握。 1. Which is the most natural way of asking about someone's plans for the evening? a) Are you doing anything tonight? b) Will you do anything tonight? c) Do you do anything tonight? d) Would you like to do anything tonight? 2. Which is the most natural answer? a) Sorry, I'm washing my hair. b) Sorry, I will wash my hair. c) Sorry, I wash my hair. d) Sorry, I washed my hair. 3. What does this sentence express? 'I am working over New Year'. a) a future possibility b) a future arrangement c) a future intention d) a future prediction 4. Which word correctly completes this statement about the future?
"They've announced the release date - the new software ______ be available in January."
a) will

b) might

c) is likely to

d) none of the above
5. Which sentence expresses an offer made at the time of speaking? a) That shopping looks heavy. I'm carrying it for you. b) That shopping looks heavy. I'm going to carry it for you you. c) That shopping looks heavy. I will have carried it for you. d) That shopping looks heavy. I'll carry it for you. 6. Which is the correct word to complete this sentence about future plans?
"Do you want to come and see a film? We ______ outside the cinema at 7."
a) meet b) will meet c) 're meeting d) met 1) a, 2) a, 3) b, 4) a, 5) d, 6) c.

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